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Personal Training with a Physio – what the..?


For most people Private Practice ‘Physiotherapy’ = Manual Therapy; lying down on a treatment table being rubbed, pulled and poked under the expectation of being treated and ‘fixed’. The reality is that in Private Practice (which is only a small proportion of our profession), manual therapy and passive treatment are only ‘adjuncts’ to what the profession is founded upon; exercise and patient education.


Passive treatments have their place of course in changing unwanted symptoms and helping people move differently, but passive treatments cannot change anything from the outside of someone else’s body; we can’t change fascia, cracking joints doesn’t do what you think is does and “releasing” a muscle is a just as much nonsense as your PT client telling you that they’ve packed on 3kg of lean muscle mass with protein shakes.


In America it’s called ‘Physical Therapy’ and that’s what I do at PRIDE. Whether it’s following injury or surgery, living with pain or chronic conditions, having risk factors or just improving the components of physical competency – mobility and motor control – our expectation is that everyone exercises.


Rule #1: Don’t add fitness to dysfunction. To quote Chiropractor Dr Andreo Spina, “If you can’t do something unloaded, you should expect to injure yourself when you do it loaded.” As PT’s we are trained to work with clients who have minimal or no risk of injury. For many people though, exercise – particularly loaded exercise – presents a significant risk of injury, or they require some additional clinical diagnosis, treatment and help managing their return to better physical health.


That’s where I come in. If you’re in pain, have had recent surgery or injury, live with a chronic condition or risks factors for starting a program of physical activity, I want to help you.

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