Precision Nutrition

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Too often people want advice and guidance about the stuff at the top of the pyramid without acknowledging the principle that what’s beneath it is so much more important. The same applies to physical health.

Precision Nutrition:

If you think of body change as a pyramid, here’s what it should look like. Notice: It’s the opposite of what you might expect.

All the “expert stuff” — adjusting macronutrients, advanced nutrition strategies, etc. — is at the top. You might not ever even get to it. It’s a “nice to have”.

The base of the pyramid — your foundation — is what surrounds you: Your social environment and culture, Your kitchen, Your grocery habits, Your day-to-day routine, Your peeps.

In general, when it comes to engineering healthy eating, here’s the golden rule:

* Make healthy behaviors convenient.
* Make other behaviors less convenient.

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