Patient Education Binder

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Following contemporary best practice guidelines and recommendations excites me; it’s reassuring to know that we’re doing everything possible to provide the best patient care care, even if that means providing only reassurance. We implemented a patient education binder from Day 1. Patient Education Binder

Precision Nutrition

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Too often people want advice and guidance about the stuff at the top of the pyramid without acknowledging the principle that what’s beneath it is so much more important. The same applies to physical health. Precision Nutrition: If you think of body change as a pyramid, here’s what it should … Read More


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When pain and symptoms define who you are, what happens when someone tries to take that away? Interesting questions from Erik Meira 👍🏼 Challenging Who You Are

Achilles Pain

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that treating a ‘simple’ case of Achilles pain would indeed be ‘simple’. 👟 Unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth. Achilles experts ponder effects of heel elevation

Strength Training

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Strength training reduces sports injuries to less than one third and overuse injuries to almost one half 💪🏼 – stretching has zero affect on risk of injury! What does your injury prevention (strength training) program look like?  


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Personal Training with a Physio – what the..?   For most people Private Practice ‘Physiotherapy’ = Manual Therapy; lying down on a treatment table being rubbed, pulled and poked under the expectation of being treated and ‘fixed’. The reality is that in Private Practice (which is only a small proportion … Read More