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I’ve been training regularly with weights for a quarter-century. My dad gave me a pair of 5kg dumbbells when I was 8 years old. I caught the strength and muscle-bug when I was about 16, thanks to mum bringing home body building magazines from work. I’m now 41. Those who … Read More

Just Load It

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Fantastic post by Erik Meira which floats my confirmation biases boat. “Load is simple but the effects are not. When someone simply moves against a weight, there is a lot of complex stuff going on. Structural. Neuromotor. Psychological. Hormonal. Cardiovascular. Expectancy violation. As physical therapists [Physiotherapists], the tool that … Read More

Manual Therapy Education

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Osteopath Dr Eyal Lederman (PhD) Transcribed from the Liberated Body podcast episode 33 by Nick Ng, Dr Lederman discusses how so much of manual therapy education is rooted in anatomy and lack an understanding of other aspects of human body, such as motor control and timing. “How many manual therapy … Read More

No Pain No Gain

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Any Idiot Can Make Someone Sore- but is more always better? A rant from Jarod Hall DPT about inflicting pain on people with exercise and manual therapy. Shout out to James who at times hasn’t been able to use his arms or legs on different days, which was completely unintentional … Read More

The Shoulder

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Dr Chris Littlewood (PhD) was recently interviewed by David Pope on the Clinical Edge podcast discussing rotator cuff tendinopathy(1). If you’re a clinician or therapist interested in treating shoulders, I strongly encourage you to listen to it. In episode 82 of PT Inquest(2) Erik Meira and J.W. Matheson discuss a … Read More

Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen Shoulder: Use it or lose it – movement therapy to prevent the capsule from adhering too much too soon “Frozen shoulder is difficult to define precisely, diagnose accurately, or treat effectively. It is more like a disease than most common musculoskeletal problems. It is a biological failure, not a … Read More

Anecdotes vs Evidence

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If you want to make good decisions about your health, you need to be weary of anecdotes and testimonials. We trust our friends, family and those we respect, but when it’s your health at stake, there are risks which you should be very clear about. Putting your faith in … Read More

Bastardised Treatments

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We Physiotherapists have bastardised all sorts of treatments, tests and techniques in a misguided attempt to follow evidence-based practice. I had another revelation recently that I’ve been doing exactly that…. once again. I’m sure this won’t be the last time either. In 1996 Paul Hodges and Carolyn Richardson published a … Read More

Physiotherapy is a profession not a verb

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In every profession there’s a bell curve; some people are outstanding; most are somewhere in the mediocre middle; and then there are the others. Most professions have a ‘brand’. Unfortunately for me, the Physiotherapy brand in private practice is one of laying down on a table with an expectation of … Read More

The absurd practices and ideas used in Physio

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In this podcast Greg Lehman discusses with Karen Litzy many of the absurd (BS) over-complicated practices and ideas used in Physiotherapy. If you’re a clinician or therapist you should probably listen to reassure yourself that you’re not one of ‘those’ people, and if you’re a client or patient you should … Read More