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Listening to Dr Bret ‘The Glute Guy’ Contreras PhD and Dr Jonathan Fass DPT in
episode 7.5 of The Strength of Evidence Podcast, respond to Mark Rippetoe’s latest TNation article.

Here’s the opener from Rippetoe’s article:

1. One barbell and a few basic exercises have packed on strength and size for decades. So why are you isolating tiny muscle groups?

2. Your muscles *are* firing, no matter what your Physiotherapist tells you. You’re just weak.

3. Think twice before you listen to a Physiotherapist or rely on his weenie “corrective” exercises.

4. You know how to get strong, so stop taking the easy way out and justifying it with big words and questionable science.

What do YOU think!…/strength-evidence-p…/id555182301…

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