Anecdotes vs Evidence

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If you want to make good decisions about your health, you need to be weary of anecdotes and testimonials.

We trust our friends, family and those we respect, but when it’s your health at stake, there are risks which you should be very clear about.

Putting your faith in ‘dirty data’ instead of the ‘clean data’ from double-blinded randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews is at best money wasted.

For example:…/

As a Physiotherapy student, I was expected to be able to justify my interventions with quality ‘evidence’. “I think”; “I believe”; “because they do it and it worked”; “it worked for my mate” etc. just isn’t good enough.

Physiotherapists are expected to be able to provide quality evidence to support an intervention – we’re audited by health funds and governing bodies.

But are we actually providing evidence-based practice??

Try this: the next time you’re at the Physio, ask them to show you the evidence from a clinical trial which supports what they’re doing or saying… You’re putting your faith (and money) in us and expecting us to be using evidence-based practice, so hold us accountable! You may be surprised.

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