Manual Therapy Education

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Osteopath Dr Eyal Lederman (PhD)

Transcribed from the Liberated Body podcast episode 33 by Nick Ng, Dr Lederman discusses how so much of manual therapy education is rooted in anatomy and lack an understanding of other aspects of human body, such as motor control and timing.

“How many manual therapy courses, including osteopathy and chiropractic training, do you see people learning about motor control and movement control? Next to nothing. The focus most of the time is on anatomy, and quite often if they are faced with some kind of clinical conundrum, they would go back to their anatomical text books quite often to try to solve it, [which is] why the person is not getting better.”

“It’s a little bit like you break up things so you can sell them off individually. That’s how it works. It works in fads a lot of this stuff. It used to be that the abdominus [was the problem]. Now it’s the foot, core muscles, it was then the latissimus, and then there’s a whole system developed around that. There is a commercial element in it.”
“The real problem is that in my clinic I get patients that come in with back pain, that have been to therapists other than me, and the condition has been pathologised to a new degree. They are now told that they’ve got flat feet, and that’s why they’ve back pain, their pelvis is rotated, their core muscles are not working anymore. They are weak, and unless they do something about all this, they’ll never get better. That’s the real problem. So what we are doing is what we sometimes blame the medical profession in doing, in that we pathologise it even further, simple things.

“You can imagine a patient comes to us. They’ve only got a back pain. They’re worried about a back pain, and now they’ve got to worry about their posture, they’ve got to worry about their pelvis, and they’ve got to worry about their core muscles not working very well.”

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