Biopsychosocial Framework

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Asked earlier today to explain the biopsychosocial framework, this was my response; I hope I’ve done it justice: — The foundation of the biopsychosocial model (BSP) is understanding the physiology and mechanisms of pain. Contrary to common misconception it is not a dichotomous ‘all biomechanical’ vs ‘all ‘psychological’ debate. It … Read More

What are you being measured against?

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“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” – Internet quote incorrectly attributed to Einstein “If you judge your clients’ movement competency to that of a gymnast, every one of them will be ‘dysfunctional’.” – … Read More

Patient or Client

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Patient or Client? If you ever find yourself in a hospital, you’re a ‘patient’. Usually something is medically wrong or broken requiring a medical or surgical intervention. You may have a choice of which hospital to attend but let’s assume that the act of going to hospital has minimal choice … Read More

Physiotherapy Frustration

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One of my major frustrations at the moment as a Physiotherapist is that a lot of what’s being done in Physiotherapy is damaging our brand and in my view, unethical. “Some will use the ‘what’s the harm’ argument and suggest that any benefit – even that of a placebo – … Read More

Flinging S#!t

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In session 85 of PT Inquest Erik and JW discuss a recent systematic review of physical agents. From the 10,000+ articles published over the past 20 years, only 23 were deemed to be of sufficient quality, albeit only “moderate”. They discuss ‘Tooth Fairy’ science – the act of conducting an … Read More

The Chicken Shoe

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The funniest thing I’ve read today; written in response to some ridiculous exercise/fitness rubbish in Japan <Surreal Rant> I call it the ‘chicken shoe’ effect. This is where someone walks into the room wearing chicken on their feet. You know this is not the best way to use chicken, but … Read More

Dr Stuart McGill

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If you haven’t heard of Dr Stuart McGill (PhD), he’s a Professor of spine biomechanics at The University of Waterloo, Canada. He’s written several books, published over 240 clinical papers and quite the ‘big-wig’ in understanding physical health and rehabilitation. When Stu speaks, people listen. “Kettlebell work is not for … Read More

One of the best FB comments

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Possibly one of the best FB comments on a thread I’ve seen: “It’s absolutely true that skeptics have to be willing to consider new ideas when sufficient evidence to demonstrate their plausibility is presented. As skeptics and clinicians, that also means we have to be willing to accept that some … Read More