The Chicken Shoe

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The funniest thing I’ve read today; written in response to some ridiculous exercise/fitness rubbish in Japan

<Surreal Rant>

I call it the ‘chicken shoe’ effect. This is where someone walks into the room wearing chicken on their feet. You know this is not the best way to use chicken, but they just know their feet feel warmer and they have a use for their two dead chickens.

If you suggest that they change to slippers, they would argue that the chickens keep them warm and they don’t need to change.

If you suggest chickens are best cooked and eaten, they would ask how to keep their feet warm.

You cannot win because they set an expectation with the chicken and found a way of justifying it.

Removing the chicken requires far more than just accepting there is a better way. It would require them to challenge every thought that pops into their head that they justify by feeling, guru and common sense.

Better than removing the chicken, would be to invent better ways of wearing the chicken, cooler tricks to do while wearing the chicken and posting videos wearing the chicken. This reinforces the ‘feeling’ approach to validating thoughts, shows that they are a genius born with innate skills, and allows them to do other daft stuff. I am thinking the Koala hat might be next.

I once wore those same chicken shoes proudly, and it took a lot of time and work to remove them. Sometimes I miss the comfort of the chicken shoe, and I wear them on my own when no one is looking.

We just need to inform these people that they can do all this stuff, on their own, without thinking they have found the cure, and without them having to share it with the world. Most of it is not harmful until the explanation has been added, that is what changes things.

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