When fitness people pretend to be a Doctor

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When fitness people pretend to be doctor

“They pretend expertise or experience in the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and management of a medical problem – usually a painful problem that is musculoskeletal in nature. Oh, I get it. You saw a client once who told you their [insert medical practitioner here] told them something that wasn’t right, and then the client did something you coached them in, and the client told you they felt better. You cured them! Wow, you are smarter than that dumb old [doctor, physical therapist, etc]. Riiiiiight.

Someone is either a trained healthcare provider capable and responsible to examine, diagnose, and treat someone – or they aren’t.

Ironically, fitness and massage people are in a position to positively affect their client’s health maybe more than any medical person. If you have not had basic science education and training in the evaluation, diagnosis and management of real medical problems then do not pretend you have! This involves real training in real healthcare settings with real sick patients. If you have not had this training you don’t know what you don’t know. And that can hurt your clients and your career.”

Dr Jason Silvernail, DPT DSc


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