It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you DO that defines you

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A wise man once said “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you DO that defines you”

Have you ever wondered how your clients/patients define you as a therapist/clinician?

– Do they see you as a *massage therapist* because that’s what you do to treat them?

– Are you still telling people they have poor core stability, weak glutes or blaming poor posture and structure for pain?

– Are *adjunct* therapies the MAIN and only course on your treatment menu?

– Do you help clients to understand the difference between nociception and pain?

– Do you maintain the locus of control or make sure it remains with your clients/patients?

– Do you seek to back up your actions and practice with ‘evidence’?

– Do you always try to maximise the contextual effects of treatment and make the most of a therapeutic alliance?

– Are you a shining example of the good-health message you’re promoting?

Seth Godin says that our personal brand is what people expect from us, which includes not only our actions, but also our appearance, our handshake, our language, pricing and so on.

What’s YOUR brand?

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