A Training Story

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A training story

Linda started training with us just 6 weeks ago.
Linda is 45, has 6 children spanning almost 20 years in age, operates more than one successful business and coordinates regular community events for two local schools.

To her enormous credit, Linda has now also committed to training with us 3 times each week. It really is quite remarkable.

Linda has been physically active but hasn’t, as you could image, had the luxury of making regular exercise and training a priority in her life for some time. Linda wouldn’t describe herself as a gym-junkie by any means.

In class this morning Linda attempted to complete for the first time 100 single-arm swings (non-stop!) with a 16kg bell, which she did successfully in 2m40s. Linda can *comfortably* perform a textbook 2-handed swing with a 24kg bell.

Straight after finishing the swings, Linda then completed 10 Turkish Get-ups (TGU) in 10 minutes with a 14kg bell. Her current TGU PB as of last week is also 16kg, so 10 of them (without resting) at 87.5% of a PB weight is again quite astonishing.

Before both exercises Linda didn’t *think* she would be able to complete either of them. Then she did, without too much difficulty.

When Linda started, just performing an unloaded hip-hinge swing movement without weight was challenging, and it took a few weeks to ‘click’. Just 6 weeks into it and not only is her swing excellent, but it’s strong – 1600kg in 2m40s strong! For comparison, thats more than a Subaru Outback.

If Linda can achieve this in just 6 weeks, just imagine what she might be doing 3, 6, 12 months from now…

Pavel’s ‘simple’ challenge for women from ‘Simple and Sinister’ is 100 24kg 1-arm swings in <5mins and 10 TGU in 10 mins with a 16kg bell. Based on her drive and determination to date, I’m almost expecting Linda to have completed that by the New Year.

Representing strong women everywhere, well done Linda, we salute you!

The beauty and simplicity of hardstyle kettlebell training is that there’s always something more to achieve. If you’d like to join Linda and make your physical health a priority, call us and ask about a FREE class

Neil, The Kettlebell Physio
D.Phty, RKC

Good health is an attitude: https://www.facebook.com/thekettlebellphysio/posts/344755525859005

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