Bye Bye YBT

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Out with the old, in with the new!

Bye bye Y-Balance Test (YBT), hello Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T.) from the boys at

Both the YBT produced by Move2Perform in America and the M.A.T. replicate the Star Excursion Balance Test ( to assess dynamic postural control and outcomes in upper and lower extremity injury.

The challenges with the YBT are that it needs to be *assembled* (although quick and simple), the client must ‘balance’ on a plastic block to perform the assessment, and it has moving parts which need to be re-position after each attempt.

The M.A.T. does away with all of that – just roll it out on the floor and away you go! No issues with balance and no fussy re-setting. It also looks pretty which is always a bonus.

In addition to basic reach distances, the M.A.T. enables us to record a range of other performance measures, including the (former Olympic event) ‘standing long jump’ (although limited to *only* 2m), and the single-legged hop for knee function

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