RKC Snatch Test

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A little over 2 years ago I completed the ‘RKC Snatch test’; the endurance component of my Instructor Certification – 100 snatches with a 24kg bell in under 5mins. The video is of Pat Flynn RKC making it look easy (it isn’t!!).

Although I *can* snatch a 28 and a 32kg bell, i haven’t repeated the Snatch test since and it’s become my kettlebell nemesis.

Last week I laid out a training plan to conquer it again before the New Year. Although technique and power endurance are essential in performing the Snatch test, getting through it is all about cardiovascular conditioning pure and simple.

This week I’m starting with just 40 consecutive snatches with the 24kg bell. Today, in the 90 seconds it took to complete, my heart rate reached 95% of my age-predicted max.

Want to get fit and burn fat in a time efficient workout? Try H.I.I.T.? (High Intensity Interval Training) – with a kettlebell 👍🏼

“intense interval exercise is a time-efficient strategy to stimulate a number of skeletal muscle adaptations that are comparable to traditional endurance training”(1)

“an effective means to improve the cardiovascular fitness and health status of highly functional patients with coronary artery disease. [and] improves anaerobic tolerance to a greater extent than the traditional exercise training model without increasing the risk to the patient.”(2)

“seven sessions of HIIT over 2 wk induced marked increases in whole body and skeletal muscle capacity for fatty acid oxidation during exercise in moderately active women.”(3)

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