I love learning

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Above all else, I *love* learning; it’s what motivates me – really, most days feel like Christmas! So far this year we’ve added around 600 (relevant) journals to Mendeley 🎓 to justify why we do what we do in the clinic (or not).

The most exciting part for me about being a Physio is learning from a phenomenally talented group of clinicians and researchers around the world, equally passionate about evidence-informed practice, advancing the profession and holding us all accountable to higher standards of clinical practice.

Translating research into clinical practice is challenging but a rewarding one when you see the clinical outcome you’re hoping for. The way I see it, I treat every client/patient interaction as if I’m going to be audited by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia and the client’s health insurer. With every individual I work with I ask myself the question “can I justify this with valid evidence?”

That horribly uncomfortable feeling of dissonance usually stops me or at least forces me to reconsider things from time to time, but that’s a good thing because I know the next time I’ll do better and that’s learning. >4 years out of Uni I still feel like I’m just starting and probably always will.

I frequently feel out of my depth in this company but honoured to have contributed, if only to cite a couple of journals.

Hopefully in the next year or two we’ll be able to host a workshop or two at PRIDE and be able raise the Physiotherapy bar here in the Gold Coast a little higher

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