Therapeutic Neuroscience Education

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“Therapeutic Neuroscience Education – The value is found in adding neuroscience education to your practice, not by replacing your practice with an education only treatment approach.

Don’t forget: the BIO is still a piece of BioPsychoSocial

It should also be emphasized that while stand alone education can lead to improvements, it should really be preceded by, combined with, or followed by therapeutic activity. This includes manual therapy, neurodynamics, resistance and aerobic exercise.

Remember, this educational and cognitive intervention is only a piece of the treatment. It could be a very large piece, or a very small piece depending on the patient, but the goal, as always, is to arm our patients with knowledge, and guide them to help themselves and take an active role in their recovery.

Progressing towards self efficacy should include setting goals towards pleasurable activities, graded activity in the form of resistance and aerobic exercise, and homework involving posing questions regarding their pain.”…/

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