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On episode #29 of The Physical Performance Show @Brad_beer from @pogophysio interviews current Nutrigrain Iron Woman Champion and 6x Molokai2Oahu World Paddleboard Champion, 21-year-old
Jordan ‘Magic’ Mercer @JordanMercer_1.

What strikes me most about Jordan is not her astonishing physical achievements but the remarkably articulate, intelligent, humble and sincere young woman she is. In recent times I can’t think of a better role model for young girls. If my daughter Rosie is being interviewed at age 21 with such grace and dignity, I’ll be a happy father! What a beautiful human being.

Here’s what Jordan had to say about physical health:

Brad: What would be one piece of advice you would give to people looking to perform at their physical best?

Jordan: “When you’re wanting to perform at your physical best there’s always for whatever reason the way our brains are wired, there are always challenges and it always seems like it’s not going to be easy and it’s hard to overcome this and it’s hard to overcome that, but I think the biggest thing is just don’t take your health for granted. Your health and your body is a true blessing and for the days you don’t feel like looking after it as much, I think it’s important to remind yourself that what you have to work with is an honest blessing, so just make the most of it because you don’t know how good you’ve got it until it’s gone. Do what makes you happy and just appreciate how important it is to look after your body.”


Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn

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