Shoulder Sling

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Adam Meakins, The Sports Physio His style of communication is noticeably not to everyone’s taste (see #physiotalk) and he’s certainly upset a few ‘Dinosaurs’ – “the iconic, influential and idolised clinicians and researchers who, despite a new ara in understanding pain and growing evidence of the biopsychosocial model, still stubbornly … Read More

Are you a runner with a running-related injury?

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Diagnosis: over-passionate. Are you a runner with a running-related injury? If you are, you should probably listen to this podcast:…/690-cgh-002-the-injured-run… Our body is *designed* to adapt; the principle in Exercise Science is referred to as ‘S.A.I.D.’ – Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand. Imagine how many kilometers an ultra-marathon … Read More

Written by someone far smarter than me, but which I can most definitely relate to

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Written by someone far smarter than me, but which I can most definitely relate to: “I’m fascinated with the dissonance we all face when being introduce to these concepts. For myself, it was really really hard, moving away from the tissue-centered/tissue-explaining model. My entire professional identity went into chaos. It … Read More

Number Needed To Treat

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When we take a medication we tend to think that its active ingredient is going to have a specific effect…but that’s frequently not the case, even though the medication may appear to work as expected. Consumers aren’t told about the ‘Number Needed to Treat’ (NNT) which is the number of … Read More

Consider This

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Consider this: You’re feeling pretty unwell and have a cold. You’ve had a cold before and a course of antibiotics prescribed by your GP at the time seemed to help. Your friend has also experienced symptoms very similar to yours, so your mind is now set; you need another course … Read More

I love learning

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Above all else, I *love* learning; it’s what motivates me – really, most days feel like Christmas! So far this year we’ve added around 600 (relevant) journals to Mendeley 🎓 to justify why we do what we do in the clinic (or not). The most exciting part for me about … Read More

RKC Snatch Test

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A little over 2 years ago I completed the ‘RKC Snatch test’; the endurance component of my Instructor Certification – 100 snatches with a 24kg bell in under 5mins. The video is of Pat Flynn RKC making it look easy (it isn’t!!). Although I *can* snatch a 28 and a … Read More

Musculoskeletal Science & Practice

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Last week the Journal of Manual Therapy announced that its’ name was changing to ‘Musculoskeletal Science & Practice: an International Journal of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy’. ‘Manual Therapy’ (MT) encompasses an extremely wide array of techniques (and the varying tissues to which they are directed) from a multitude of disciplines. MT in … Read More