Gluteal Tendinopathy

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Some current thoughts based on recent posts from Physios Dr Peter Malliaras (PhD) and Dr Allison Grimaldi (PhD). A ‘clinical diagnosis’ is based upon what the client tells us about the onset of symptoms, cause, function and symptoms, combined with what we can test, measure or observe – or something … Read More

What’s your WHY?

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In 2 days’ time Wednesday November 30 will be PRIDE’s first birthday. It will also be my late father’s birthday. If it wasn’t for my dad, Brian Meigh, PRIDE wouldn’t exist; in more ways than one. I would like to explain. 14 days from now our family will be raising … Read More

Scheurmann’s disease

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Scheurmann’s disease is a condition used to describe the shape of bones in the spine which create an excessive outward curvature or ‘hunch’. Normally rectangular front-to-back, vertebrae can instead develop as ‘wedge-shaped’ at the front. A diagnosis is given to a spine with a fixed (not ‘postural’) curvature of 45 … Read More

“Hip Precautions”

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In another fantastic chat on The Physio Matters Podcast (@TPMPodcast), in Session 35 Jack Chew (@Chews_Health) talks with Toby Smith (@TobyOSmith) about hip osteoarthritis and total joint replacements. Dislocation is a horrible complication following a hip replacement. OTs and PTs have historically and been so fearful of causing a … Read More

Discharge from care

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The concept of ‘discharge from care’ in Physiotherapy is an interesting one. If we’re ever unfortunate enough to end up in a hospital, we will eventually be ‘discharged’ and sent home i.e. we no longer require the assistance of a Physiotherapist or we at least have the means to take … Read More

Strength is the ability to generate force

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Put simply, ‘strength’ is the ability to generate force. If you have increased your strength (got stronger) you would have increased the ability to generate force, which is clearly measurable – 1kg became 5kg then 10kg and so on. If the load remains the same, your strength has not increased. … Read More

Let’s talk shoulder pain

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A lack of evidence doesn’t mean that something doesn’t work, but as soon as there is evidence of little or no specific benefit, the scientific process forces us to at the very least become skeptical; where there’s one failure, there will be more! Time and time again in Physiotherapy we’ve … Read More

7 steps to successful patient empowerment

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Open the link to see all ‘7 steps to successful patient empowerment’ – all text taken from the link – [Therapist]: Well, as you can see from your x-ray here, there is some degeneration in your spine. This is wear and tear and quite normal for your age. Furthermore, your … Read More

Functional/Non Functional Debate

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Here’s a recent post from Ben Cormack. I haven’t ‘shared’ it as it now has a lot of comments which may sidetrack some readers from Ben’s message. It’s worth considering if the term ‘functional’ has come your way as justification for a treatment or intervention from a Physiotherapist, trainer or … Read More