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It’s no secret that I use and promote the use of kettlebells for a wide range of conditions and benefits, painful shoulders included.

Do I think they’re the “best” tool or exercise? No

Can and will someone get better without a kettlebell? Absolutely!

This study compared open-chain (like a kettlebell) to closed-chain (like a push-up) to a range of motion exercise with minimal load.

“CONCLUSIONS: Open chain, closed chain and range of movement exercises all seem to be effective in bringing about short term changes in pain and disability in patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy.”

There’s a suitable time, place, person and context for each exercise prescription. Our first client in the practice today fitted this demographic of having shoulder pain and she received a recommendation for self-guided range of motion with minimal load, as per Dr Chris Littlewood’s guidelines from last year – no hint of a GMB bear crawl, or RKC arm-bar for her!

I posted Dr Littlewood’s 2016 trial here late last year, but here he is talking about our role as Physiotherapist in helping people manage shoulder pain:

I do agree with and support Greg Lehman’s position (shared here yesterday) that if someone wants to reduce the risk of shoulder injury, or rehab from a shoulder injury, that they must build comprehensive capacity in terms of movement and load tolerance in line with Chiropractor Andreo Spina’s FRC approach.

*With the right guidance*, I passionately believe that the kettlebell is one of the most suitable tools to achieve that outcome.

Similarly, Dr Eyal Lederman (PhD) discussed the role and importance of ‘loading’ for building tissue tolerance and capacity here: (tissue adaptation will not occur without appropriate loading).

Yesterday Osteopath and Kettlebell sport competitor Nick Efthimiou released the details of his upcoming workshop covering the theory and application of kettlebells to rehabilitation in a clinical setting, and this morning I saw Tennessee-based Chiropractor ChiroStrength is now running kettlebell prehab/rehab classes for the shoulder.

Shoulder pain? Kettlebells.

Got it?

Love your work Gary Vaynerchuk

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