I know enough about pain

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I know enough about pain to know that I know very little. I’m writing this having just received Lorimer Mosely and David Butler’s new Explain Pain Supercharged. I haven’t got stuck into it yet, but couldn’t help but notice Figure 1 – The clinician’s iceberg of knowledge I graduated from … Read More

The ‘Business’ of Physiotherapy – *Long Post*

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This started out as a random thought in the car, that became a spontaneous Facebook live video, that later morphed into a Facebook post, then quickly into this ‘blog’. Opening a new Physiotherapy practice and building something from the ground up has been quite a rollercoaster ride. I liken it … Read More

What would Greg do?

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The Lehman effect. This can be summarised with the question: “What would Greg do?” Reflection is an important component of clinical practice. It was drummed into me as a student but it wasn’t something that I felt I was very good at. I certainly didn’t enjoy it much, mostly because … Read More