Patellofemoral pain

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So here’s my summary (plus some interpretation) of the editorial on the homeostasis model: There are several factors previously suggested to have been the cause of, or related to, PFP – strength, flexibility, patellar tracking, quadriceps angle, joint shape, depression, fear-avoidance – but there is insufficient evidence that any one … Read More

Gluteal Tendinopathy

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Some current thoughts based on recent posts from Physios Dr Peter Malliaras (PhD) and Dr Allison Grimaldi (PhD). A ‘clinical diagnosis’ is based upon what the client tells us about the onset of symptoms, cause, function and symptoms, combined with what we can test, measure or observe – or something … Read More

Non-specific effects

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I’ve had several conversations recently about specific and non-specific effects in manual therapy; it was the motivation behind the very recent ‘Post hoc’ logical fallacy post, and this theme often appears in the regular debates on social media surrounding ‘pain science’. Manual therapy modulates pain and few clinicians would disagree … Read More

Shoulder Sling

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Adam Meakins, The Sports Physio His style of communication is noticeably not to everyone’s taste (see #physiotalk) and he’s certainly upset a few ‘Dinosaurs’ – “the iconic, influential and idolised clinicians and researchers who, despite a new ara in understanding pain and growing evidence of the biopsychosocial model, still stubbornly … Read More

Are you a runner with a running-related injury?

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Diagnosis: over-passionate. Are you a runner with a running-related injury? If you are, you should probably listen to this podcast:…/690-cgh-002-the-injured-run… Our body is *designed* to adapt; the principle in Exercise Science is referred to as ‘S.A.I.D.’ – Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand. Imagine how many kilometers an ultra-marathon … Read More