How Old Are You?

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How old are you? You may know someone who fits the description of being an old person in a young person’s body (aches and pains before their time), or visa versa; an older person seemingly defying the norm and competing in sport and activity dominated by adolescents and younger adults. … Read More

Biopsychosocial Framework

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Asked earlier today to explain the biopsychosocial framework, this was my response; I hope I’ve done it justice: — The foundation of the biopsychosocial model (BSP) is understanding the physiology and mechanisms of pain. Contrary to common misconception it is not a dichotomous ‘all biomechanical’ vs ‘all ‘psychological’ debate. It … Read More

Flinging S#!t

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In session 85 of PT Inquest Erik and JW discuss a recent systematic review of physical agents. From the 10,000+ articles published over the past 20 years, only 23 were deemed to be of sufficient quality, albeit only “moderate”. They discuss ‘Tooth Fairy’ science – the act of conducting an … Read More

The Chicken Shoe

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The funniest thing I’ve read today; written in response to some ridiculous exercise/fitness rubbish in Japan <Surreal Rant> I call it the ‘chicken shoe’ effect. This is where someone walks into the room wearing chicken on their feet. You know this is not the best way to use chicken, but … Read More

Just Load It

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Fantastic post by Erik Meira which floats my confirmation biases boat. “Load is simple but the effects are not. When someone simply moves against a weight, there is a lot of complex stuff going on. Structural. Neuromotor. Psychological. Hormonal. Cardiovascular. Expectancy violation. As physical therapists [Physiotherapists], the tool that … Read More

Manual Therapy Education

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Osteopath Dr Eyal Lederman (PhD) Transcribed from the Liberated Body podcast episode 33 by Nick Ng, Dr Lederman discusses how so much of manual therapy education is rooted in anatomy and lack an understanding of other aspects of human body, such as motor control and timing. “How many manual therapy … Read More

No Pain No Gain

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Any Idiot Can Make Someone Sore- but is more always better? A rant from Jarod Hall DPT about inflicting pain on people with exercise and manual therapy. Shout out to James who at times hasn’t been able to use his arms or legs on different days, which was completely unintentional … Read More

Anecdotes vs Evidence

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If you want to make good decisions about your health, you need to be weary of anecdotes and testimonials. We trust our friends, family and those we respect, but when it’s your health at stake, there are risks which you should be very clear about. Putting your faith in … Read More

Tooth Fairy Science

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Being told muscles are “tight” as a cause for pain is my current pet peeve. I spent many years as a manual therapist, teaching students how to assess for and treat muscles which were, as I was suggesting, “short and tight”. Some would now call that ‘tooth fairy science’; just … Read More

Patient Education Binder

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Following contemporary best practice guidelines and recommendations excites me; it’s reassuring to know that we’re doing everything possible to provide the best patient care care, even if that means providing only reassurance. We implemented a patient education binder from Day 1. Patient Education Binder