The Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get-up (get it? ?) I am FMS and SFMA ‘Certified’. I was introduced to kettlebells through the FMS course in Melbourne at the end of 2013 as the course was hosted by Andrew Read ( who at the time was the only RKC Master Trainer in Australia and … Read More

Strength is the ability to generate force

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Put simply, ‘strength’ is the ability to generate force. If you have increased your strength (got stronger) you would have increased the ability to generate force, which is clearly measurable – 1kg became 5kg then 10kg and so on. If the load remains the same, your strength has not increased. … Read More

The simplest solution is usually the correct one

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Q: If you’re chronically tired and only sleeping 4-5 hours a night, what’s the solution? A: Sleep. Occam’s razor – the simplest solution is usually the correct one. Caffeine, sugar, exercise, deliberately making oneself uncomfortable or distracted are all potentially effective methods of prolonging the inevitable decline in function from … Read More

Choose to M.O.V.E

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Clinician’s goals are irrelevant to what is more motivating to patients – why selling the ‘Exercise Is Medicine’ approach doesn’t work. Clients/patients will be more motivated to consistently choose to move when clinicians prescribe and promote physical activity through cultivating choice, featuring emotions/affect instead of logic, and prescribing physical activity … Read More

Bye Bye YBT

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Out with the old, in with the new! Bye bye Y-Balance Test (YBT), hello Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T.) from the boys at Both the YBT produced by Move2Perform in America and the M.A.T. replicate the Star Excursion Balance Test ( to assess dynamic postural control and outcomes in upper … Read More

How Old Are You?

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How old are you? You may know someone who fits the description of being an old person in a young person’s body (aches and pains before their time), or visa versa; an older person seemingly defying the norm and competing in sport and activity dominated by adolescents and younger adults. … Read More

Bastardised Treatments

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We Physiotherapists have bastardised all sorts of treatments, tests and techniques in a misguided attempt to follow evidence-based practice. I had another revelation recently that I’ve been doing exactly that…. once again. I’m sure this won’t be the last time either. In 1996 Paul Hodges and Carolyn Richardson published a … Read More

Strength Training

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Strength training reduces sports injuries to less than one third and overuse injuries to almost one half 💪🏼 – stretching has zero affect on risk of injury! What does your injury prevention (strength training) program look like?