When Healthcare Fails

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I recently shared the heart-breaking story of the untimely passing of Talia Goldenberg here following elective surgery to fuse her neck. The article published in The Seattle Times this month paints a grim and damming picture of the healthcare system failing Talia, in particular the actions of her surgeon Dr … Read More

The Physical Performance Show – Jordan Mercer

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On episode #29 of The Physical Performance Show @Brad_beer from @pogophysio interviews current Nutrigrain Iron Woman Champion and 6x Molokai2Oahu World Paddleboard Champion, 21-year-old Jordan ‘Magic’ Mercer @JordanMercer_1. What strikes me most about Jordan is not her astonishing physical achievements but the remarkably articulate, intelligent, humble and sincere young woman … Read More


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A departure from the norm with this one from the #AskGaryVee podcast, episode 232 – Law of Attraction, Importance of Sales Skills & Working Smarter Back from a break with even more energy and passion Gary Vaynerchuk gets really fired up. If you want something badly enough, if you’re prepared … Read More

Physiotherapy is a profession not a verb

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In every profession there’s a bell curve; some people are outstanding; most are somewhere in the mediocre middle; and then there are the others. Most professions have a ‘brand’. Unfortunately for me, the Physiotherapy brand in private practice is one of laying down on a table with an expectation of … Read More

The absurd practices and ideas used in Physio

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In this podcast Greg Lehman discusses with Karen Litzy many of the absurd (BS) over-complicated practices and ideas used in Physiotherapy. If you’re a clinician or therapist you should probably listen to reassure yourself that you’re not one of ‘those’ people, and if you’re a client or patient you should … Read More