Used Car Salesman

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In all seriousness, if I’d gone to a Physiotherapist every time I had an ache or pain this past year, I would have been having treatment every single week and my bank balance would be a whole lot smaller. Two treatments isn’t an unreasonable number of visits for each ‘episode’, … Read More


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It’s no secret that I use and promote the use of kettlebells for a wide range of conditions and benefits, painful shoulders included. Do I think they’re the “best” tool or exercise? No Can and will someone get better without a kettlebell? Absolutely! This study compared open-chain (like a kettlebell) … Read More

The Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get-up (get it? ?) I am FMS and SFMA ‘Certified’. I was introduced to kettlebells through the FMS course in Melbourne at the end of 2013 as the course was hosted by Andrew Read ( who at the time was the only RKC Master Trainer in Australia and … Read More

Gluteal Tendinopathy

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Some current thoughts based on recent posts from Physios Dr Peter Malliaras (PhD) and Dr Allison Grimaldi (PhD). A ‘clinical diagnosis’ is based upon what the client tells us about the onset of symptoms, cause, function and symptoms, combined with what we can test, measure or observe – or something … Read More

What’s your WHY?

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In 2 days’ time Wednesday November 30 will be PRIDE’s first birthday. It will also be my late father’s birthday. If it wasn’t for my dad, Brian Meigh, PRIDE wouldn’t exist; in more ways than one. I would like to explain. 14 days from now our family will be raising … Read More

Scheurmann’s disease

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Scheurmann’s disease is a condition used to describe the shape of bones in the spine which create an excessive outward curvature or ‘hunch’. Normally rectangular front-to-back, vertebrae can instead develop as ‘wedge-shaped’ at the front. A diagnosis is given to a spine with a fixed (not ‘postural’) curvature of 45 … Read More

“Hip Precautions”

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In another fantastic chat on The Physio Matters Podcast (@TPMPodcast), in Session 35 Jack Chew (@Chews_Health) talks with Toby Smith (@TobyOSmith) about hip osteoarthritis and total joint replacements. Dislocation is a horrible complication following a hip replacement. OTs and PTs have historically and been so fearful of causing a … Read More

Discharge from care

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The concept of ‘discharge from care’ in Physiotherapy is an interesting one. If we’re ever unfortunate enough to end up in a hospital, we will eventually be ‘discharged’ and sent home i.e. we no longer require the assistance of a Physiotherapist or we at least have the means to take … Read More

Strength is the ability to generate force

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Put simply, ‘strength’ is the ability to generate force. If you have increased your strength (got stronger) you would have increased the ability to generate force, which is clearly measurable – 1kg became 5kg then 10kg and so on. If the load remains the same, your strength has not increased. … Read More