Let’s talk shoulder pain

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A lack of evidence doesn’t mean that something doesn’t work, but as soon as there is evidence of little or no specific benefit, the scientific process forces us to at the very least become skeptical; where there’s one failure, there will be more! Time and time again in Physiotherapy we’ve … Read More

7 steps to successful patient empowerment

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Open the link to see all ‘7 steps to successful patient empowerment’ – all text taken from the link – [Therapist]: Well, as you can see from your x-ray here, there is some degeneration in your spine. This is wear and tear and quite normal for your age. Furthermore, your … Read More

Functional/Non Functional Debate

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Here’s a recent post from Ben Cormack. I haven’t ‘shared’ it as it now has a lot of comments which may sidetrack some readers from Ben’s message. It’s worth considering if the term ‘functional’ has come your way as justification for a treatment or intervention from a Physiotherapist, trainer or … Read More

WARNING! Rant in progress

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If we’re sick and unwell we go to a GP (Dr). We want to know what’s wrong with us, how long it’s going to take to get better and to find out what we can do to help ourselves; that’s ‘education’. We may well be prescribed a course of medication … Read More

The Science of Pain

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According to Aristotle, we have five senses – sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. Pain is not one of them. Check out the link in the comments to see where Aristotle missed a few. Pain is a feeling – an *experience* – but not a sensation. It sounds like semantics … Read More

The simplest solution is usually the correct one

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Q: If you’re chronically tired and only sleeping 4-5 hours a night, what’s the solution? A: Sleep. Occam’s razor – the simplest solution is usually the correct one. Caffeine, sugar, exercise, deliberately making oneself uncomfortable or distracted are all potentially effective methods of prolonging the inevitable decline in function from … Read More

The Physical Performance Show – Jordan Mercer

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On episode #29 of The Physical Performance Show @Brad_beer from @pogophysio interviews current Nutrigrain Iron Woman Champion and 6x Molokai2Oahu World Paddleboard Champion, 21-year-old Jordan ‘Magic’ Mercer @JordanMercer_1. What strikes me most about Jordan is not her astonishing physical achievements but the remarkably articulate, intelligent, humble and sincere young woman … Read More

Operator vs Interactor

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Operator vs Interactor An operator imagines they are directly affecting “tissues”, and that “tissues” are responding, directly, to their tender or not-so-tender ministrations. They see themselves as direct agents of any change – “It was all about me, and my magic hands, making your tissues behave themselves.” The implication of … Read More

Do Nothing

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When a client/patient comes to us for help, we inevitably have an in-built drive to do ‘something’. The question then is, is that ‘something’ actually doing ‘anything’? It’s not uncommon for a therapist to throw the kitchen sink of treatment interventions at someone’s symptom(s), from ice to compression boots to … Read More