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Doctor of Physiotherapy Neil Meigh a.k.a ‘The Kettlebell Physio’ is an autonomous primary contact practitioner recognised as a leader in exercise medicine and performance coaching in the fields of human movement, injury management, orthopaedic rehabilitation and pain management. The Kettlebell Physio and team at PRIDE Physiotherapy & Nutrition place the patient at the centre of care. We focus on accurate evaluation, comprehensive patient education, open communication, and targeted research-based interventions. This helps to assure the most complete and rapid recovery possible while making the patient in charge of their own care.

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'PERSONAL TRAINING WITH A PHYSIO'. - Physical rehabilitaiton, exercise medicine and performance coaching for individuals who need or want a higher level of clinical care and expertise in reaching their potential.

A focus on exercise

My main goal for rehabilitation is to get patients stronger. I quickly find movements that are safe and tolerable, then begin building patients up. I focus on measurable strength improvements, not the often useless theraband “rehab exercises”. A strong body is more physically capable, robust and less likely to break. As an Exercise Scientist and RKC Coach, I understand advanced principles of strength and conditioning, training loads and demonstrate clinically relevant strength changes over time where it’s needed.

Under-dosed exercise programs was one of the 5 concerns noted in the APTA’s involvement in Choose Wisely; it is a real problem in Physiotherapy. I take that seriously and make sure that strength gains are achieved by my patients in a safe and fun environment; even for my older and physically challenged patients.


I communicate openly with GPs and surgeons, using scientifically validated patient reported outcomes specific to their injury. I speak the ‘medical language’ but avoid confusing Physio-specific jargon, speaking in direct terms of range of motion, strength, power, function, etc.
I focus on using the ‘4Es’ of communication as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Communication:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Engaging the Individual

  • Connector.Connector.

    Empathising with their concerns

  • Connector.Connector.

    Educating, using clear, concise language and checking for understanding

  • Connector.Connector.

    Enlisting the patient as a partner and focus of the care

Appropriate Utilisation of benefits

While the human body is ‘relatively’ homogenous and the same principles of movement and physical competency apply to us all, we treat everyone as an individual and provide assessment, treatment and recommendations on that basis to suit their goals and exceed their expectations.

I only use what I need. Some patients will only see me for a one-time visit. For those that require more, frequency will often fluctuate under my care. Some need a few quick visits to get them going and then only come in for the occasional check-in. Others may just need the occasional check-in and time to heal during the protective phase after surgery and then more visits later as they are more aggressively building strength or returning to sport. We also like to focus on teaching patients self-management skills that they can use at home instead of clinic-focused care, making them more independent faster. I offer an ‘integrated care plan’ to those who will benefit from receiving a combination of manual therapy with a Remedial Therapist and an exercise-based intervention with me.
Some people come to see me with an extensive exercise background, are athletic and comfortable in a gym environment. Others haven’t ever set foot in a gym before and learning how to commit to a regular exercise program for the first time. Whatever my patient’s background, I try my best to help them achieve what thought was impossible.

Where to find the kettlebell physio


Monday to Friday 8am to 6:15pm Saturday 8am to 2pm


Unit 4, 9 Brolga Avenue The Brickworks Centre Southport, Qld, 4215


Head to www.pride.physio to book an appointment with The Kettlebell Physio

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